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Maybe you and your Easter Sunday guests aren’t into having ham this year and want to try something new. Or maybe you want a vegetarian meal. Alternatives to ham are easy to come by but if you’re vegetarian, it can be even harder to find meatless options, especially during the holidays. Here are some main dish ideas to really make your Easter Sunday a hoppin’ good time! 

Eggplant Parmesan: This vegetarian meal makes a great dish for Easter Sunday, especially if you’re celebrating around dinnertime. Save time on cooking and spend more time with your loved ones by making this dish in a slow cooker. 

Vegetarian lasagna: Lasagna without meat is purely delicious and pasta is something everyone can agree on! Serve a yummy crisp spring salad and bread on the side. 

Cornish hens: With a little sage butter and lemon zest, you’ve got a mouthwatering meal for Easter! 


Quiche: If your family enjoys an Easter brunch, a quiche is your go-to dish! You can change it up each year to have meat or be vegetarian friendly. 

Egg casserole: A breakfast casserole can have every breakfast item in one, like potatoes, eggs and meats. Yum! 

Lamb: This is a favorite for Easter and with the right seasoning, gravy and side, everyone will love it! A little chimichurri sauce really rounds out lamb chops! 

Fish: Maybe not your typical dish for Easter but mix up the recipe by making Mediterranean style fish and serve it with asparagus and potatoes and watch people devour it! 


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Deviled eggs: Deviled eggs certainly go with the spirit of the holiday, but are best as an appetizer! 

Herb stuffed pork loin: This juicy pork loin dish just overflows with flavor and pairs perfectly with some side veggies. 

Plethora of bakery goods: If you want to keep it casual, set out some fruit salad and an array of bakery goods and let everyone serve themselves. 


Green bean casserole: An easy classic that everyone will enjoy and easy for you as the chef so you can serve your whole party. 

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