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Is one of your 2018 New Year's resolutions to become a locavore? Perhaps it should be...

Why Eating Local Is Great For (Nearly) Everyone In The World.

The idea of eating local isn't a new one, although the somewhat awkward term "locavore"  was coined relatively recently. In fact, it is how humans ate for our most of our existence! However, the concept of eating (mostly) local has become a trend for two pretty good health-related reasons.

It Lowers Your Environmental Impact.

The first reason to stick to locally produced ingredients as much as possible is that it is much better for the health of our planet. By decreasing the energy and subsequent fuel required to transport food across the country or around the world and eating close to the source, you're minimizing the impact your consumption makes on the environment. 

Eat Local, Get And Stay Healthy! 

The second reason is that eating local can often be better for your own health! After all, food produced nearby that goes straight from the farm to your table with relatively minimal processing tends to be better for you in regard to both nutritional value and general satisfaction. 

What's more, larger food producers that ship nationwide or internationally also may add more stabilizers or preservatives to keep things shelf stable, which sometimes makes them taste noticeably different than your local options. And while flavor preference is somewhat subjective, we think everyone can agree that fresher and with less processing means things just taste better! 

You Really Get In Touch With What's On Your Plate...

Most of us are pretty disconnected from our food sources - unless you work on a farm or live in a rural area, the biggest connection that most of us have with what we eat is probably at the supermarket. And picking up things off the shelf isn't exactly visiting the source! 

That said, going to the farm or the source of our food just isn't realistic for most of us on a regular basis. 

It Just Tastes Better.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 3.47.19 PMEating local isn't only about altruism and eco-friendly positivity, however. There's one reason to stick to locally produced food that's actually pretty selfish if you think about it - and that's the simple reason that food produced nearby tastes better! After all, if your food is not subject to multiple days of storage and shipping, it'll be fresher and more delicious. And if you're in the Midwest, may we recommend AE Dairy products made right in Iowa?

And that's because locally produced products are fresher - and in the case of something like dairy products, freshness really matters! And that's why you should definitely try to eat local more in 2018! 

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