3-reasons-you-have-dark-circles-and-how-to-fix-themSometimes, no matter how much shut eye you get, dark circles still persist. It isn't just lack of sleep that can cause dark circles; genetics can play a big part, too. If you've inherited fair or thin skin under the eyes, chances are dark circles are one of your biggest beauty blights. And while you may not be able to make the issue disappear for good, you can get clever with your concealer to fool the world into thinking you always look bright eyed and glowing.

Dark Circles from Vascular Issues

If you inherit particularly thin skin under the eyes, chances are your mother and grandmother suffered from the same problem. Thanks to thin or fair skin it’s more obvious when blood pools under the eyes (often because of slower circulation from lack of sleep). This accumulation causes fragile capillaries to leak, leading to dark purple shadows under the eyes. To treat the problem, add an extra pillow when you sleep at night to help drain excess fluids that can gather under the eyes. Look out for an eye cream that contains caffeine to help constrict the flow of blood. Eye creams containing grape seed oil or green tea are also believed to help strengthen capillary walls.

Dark Skin Circles from Hyperpigmentation

Slapping on the sunscreen each day does more than protect against harmful cancer-causing rays. It can help prevent discoloration and hyperpigmentation too. Protect against dark circles caused by sun damage by applying SPF daily (yes, even in winter) and wearing large sunglasses to protect the skin around the delicate eyes when the sun is shining. Unfortunately, sun damage and hyperpigmentation can’t be reversed, but skin lightening creams recommended by a dermatologist containing Vitamins C and K, green tea, and liquorice can improve your skin's appearance. 

Dark Circles from Sleep Deprivation

Consistent lack of sleep leads the body to produce the stress hormone cortisol, which in excess amounts can break down the collagen in the skin. Lack of collagen can leave skin thin, meaning capillaries are more visible. Combat the problem by getting enough sleep to give your body time to repair itself. Apply a topical hyaluronic eye cream each night to boost firmness and elasticity of the skin.

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