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Spring is all about bright colors, warm weather, and of course, Easter! Celebrate this year’s holiday right outside your door with a makeover in your family garden. Refresh your garden with your kids by adding these five types of flowers to your outdoor garden - or just pick up some cut flowers for your kitchen table! We might not all have a green thumb, but we all deserve a little pick-me-up of spring color.

Flowers To Freshen Up The Garden

  • Primroses: Pick a color scheme and you can probably find a primrose that matches the color! These flowers will soften the look of your garden and work perfectly surrounding the edges of the flowerbed.
  • Lilies: Flowers come in many scents but lilies trump when it comes to aroma. These flowers will have your garden constantly smelling fresh and lovely. A common scent from this flower is lavender. 
  • Tulips: Out of all the flowers planted in spring, the tulip is commonly associated with Easter and Spring. They are most popular in red, pink and yellow, and are tall enough to stand in the center of the garden.
  • Daffodils: Although these only come in yellow, daffodils are the perfect flower for Spring Fever. Daffodils go well with tulips as well as primroses, and their bright yellow colors will be a wonderful reminder of the new season!
  • Scillas: Scillas are purple and grown in a bushy form. They are perfect to cover any spaces or gaps within your garden. Their dark purple and blue colors will serve as a perfect contrast to the other bright flowers you choose.

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