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activities-to-bring-your-family-closer-in-2012A new year is upon us and to get your mind off obsessing over your winter waist line, stop and think about what really matters. The New Year is a reminder of how fast time goes by. What a perfect opportunity to focus back in on the most important people in your life, and make the most of 2012 together. The latest edition of The List is full of activities that will bring your family unit closer, and create some new memories along the way.

Whether your family aims to do one of these activities each month, one a week, or one for the year, each will bond you and your loves in more ways than one. Some ideas are as easy as planning your next meal (or picking a place and making sure everyone is in attendance), or simply picking one night to watch a movie or play a game altogether. If you’re feeling adventurous you can get active (which will also help with melt that winter weight), or you can all pitch in and finish that household project your hubby can’t seem to complete alone.

Start small with a Sunday brunch, or simply put the phones, computers, and video games away when you’re all together. The smallest effort will make the biggest difference and may lead to greater activities like donating time to a charity as a family. No matter if you let our list guide or inspire you to spend more time together, here at The List we are wishing your family a fantastic 2012!

Activities to Bring Your Family Closer in 2012

  1. Have a game night – Scrabble, Catch Phrase, Taboo or even classic card games like Go Fish, Black Jack or teach the kids how to play Poker.
  2. Choose a family charity or cause you want to give to and decide how each family can contribute to that charity.
  3. Eat dinner all together the table (even if it’s take out) 3 nights a week.
  4. Have a family movie night once a month either at home or at the theater.
  5. Everyone prepare a dish in the household kitchen for a yummy Sunday brunch.
  6. Make a family resolution (and help one another stick to it!).
  7. Get active—go for a walk or a hike, try an indoor sport (tennis, swimming, soccer, bowling).
  8. Go on a road trip and plot out the stops along the way together.
  9. Create a family chore chart, so that everyone(including parents!) has a part in helping around the house.
  10. Make an effort to call each other instead of texting, and put down all electronics when you’re together.
  11. Take more pictures and family videos—make sure that everyone has a chance to wield the camera so different perspectives will be captured.
  12. Do a project together- finish painting the basement, make a bird feeder, create a family scrapbook, etc. 
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