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beating-the-post-holiday-bluesAfter weeks, or months, of planning and preparations, the holidays are suddenly over. The tree has been put away for another year, the parties are finished, and even the leftover turkey is all gone… so now what? Back to work, school, or your usual routines.

While some people feel some relief with the end of all the stress of the holiday season, many people find the post-holiday season can leave them feeling a little down.

Here are some ways to help you beat the blues

  • Realize that what you are feeling is normal – Post-holiday blues are far from uncommon. It is quite understandable after all that anticipation, hard work, and celebrating to feel a little let down afterwards. You may feel down after the holidays for many reasons, regardless of whether you had a wonderful holiday experience or not.
  • Take a vacation – Now I know this is not feasible for many of us, but a tropical vacation would sure help keep me from feeling blue!
  • Take a “staycation” – Be a tourist in your own town or city! There are likely all kinds of things that you can do and see!
  • Take care of yourself – Sometimes this is easier said than done in our busy lives, but it is so important. Take some time just for you to do something you want to do. As moms we often look after everyone else first and neglect ourselves. I say that if we care for ourselves it leaves us in better shape to help those we care about.
  • Work some exercise into your routine – A little exercise is a great way to beat the post-holiday blues. It can be as simple as talking a small walk each day to taking up a new sport or fitness class. Doing this with a friend will help boost your mood even further and help keep you motivated to continue.
  • Walk a dog – If you don’t have a dog of your own, many animal shelters would welcome a volunteer to take one (or more) of the dogs for a walk.
  • Learn something new – Sign up for a class at your local community college or community centre, or ask a friend to teach you a new skill. It may be something you’ve wanted to do for years, but have always been a little scared to try, or it could be something completely random that you come up with.
  • Treat yourself - If you can, treat yourself to something special; a manicure, pedicure, massage, haircut, or something that is just for you and makes you feel good!
  • Keep in touch – Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you need to wait another year to get together with friends and family. Make a point to get together with people who you enjoy spending time with.
  • Continue with the season of giving – Although there is a big focus on helping others during the holiday, many people need help all year long. How about having your whole family volunteer at a community organization? You could also bake some goodies to donate to a homeless shelter.
  • Resolve to Not Make Resolutions – There is always so much talk about New Year’s Resolutions, but my advice is don’t make any! Often, these resolutions are started out of guilt and usually end with guilt if you do not follow through with them. Rather, make a list of affirmations about yourself! Write down what your best friend would say about you (or ask your best friend to make a list) and put it somewhere where you will see it often to remind yourself how wonderful you really are and that you are important to others.
  • When to get help – For some people, these tips will not be enough. If you feel like what you are experiencing is more than the post-holiday blues, you should talk to your doctor. Some things to watch for are inability to sleep, weight loss without trying, feeling very poorly about yourself, or thoughts about harming yourself or others.

I wish you all a very happy New Year!

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