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cancer_treatment_centers_of_americaHow effective are the cancer treatment centers for breast cancer? 

 Confronting breast cancer is daunting under the best conditions. When cancer is advanced, hope is even harder to come by, especially when traditional hospitals says there’s nothing left to do. One alternative is to seek care at a for-profit hospital like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. These hospitals offer non-traditional therapies in addition to standard cancer care.  Does that make them the right choice?

When All That's Left to do is Palliative Care

It’s no secret that Cancer Treatment Centers of America cater to late stage cancer patients. While not claiming outright to be able to cure the “incurable” cancers, the use terminology like “fighting cancer on all fronts,” and “supportive complimentary medicine therapies” make it sound like Cancer Treatment Centers of America have access to some mysterious treatments not available elsewhere. This is both true and false.

The one thing that is not arguable is that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have an excellent standard of care and bedside manner. Patients are well looked after and treated with exceptional compassion and sensitivity. While bedside manner isn’t going to cure cancer, it certainly can help improve the mental health of a patient. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America excel in palliative care, or reducing the symptoms of a disease without actually being able to reduce or cure the disease itself.

When there it truly nothing left for modern medicine to do, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer non-traditional cancer therapies like meditation, acupuncture, herbal medicines, massage, and even laughter therapy. None of these things is going to cure cancer; science has shown that through numerous studies. However, these therapies can improve a person’s mental outlook and make challenging treatments like chemotherapy and radiation more endurable.

Is For-Profit Cancer Treatment the Right Choice?

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are for-profit institutions, meaning that they exist to make money, plain and simple. While being a for-profit hospital isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that prospective patients need to take the promises made by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America with a grain of salt. These hospitals are filled with educated, caring health care providers that are no doubt good people, but in the end, your sickness pays their bills. While this is an ugly thought, it is a reality, and should be part of the decision making process.

Some doctors eschew the Cancer Treatment Centers of America because of their decision to mix science-based, proven cancer treatments with homeopathic and alternative medicine that has no scientific support. While many experts agree that an attempt to make cancer treatment more “human,” is a noble goal, they worry that the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are incorporating non-essential treatments in their quest for the all mighty dollar.

Cancer Treatment You Can Live With

Ultimately, the choice of which hospital to use resides with the patient. One important factor to consider is what institutions will accept a cancer victim’s insurance. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America accept most insurance, making their for-profit status void in the minds of some patients. The care given at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is excellent, though not proven to be more effective than other hospitals with similar size cancer treatment programs. If a holistic approach to cancer treatment is appealing, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America may be a good choice. If the for-profit status and non-scientific treatments of these institutions is bothersome, it might be better to look at a traditional cancer treatment facility.

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