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And what about those $40 dollar pair of name brand tennis shoes you bought for your 7 year old at Christmas that will more than likely fit snug come spring?

When it comes to buying clothes for kids it's a dauntingly expensive task for parents on a budget.  The best way to overcome this problem is to get cheap kids clothes. And we can show you how! Simply follow these 6 helpful tips on how to find kids clothes at low discount prices!

6 Ways to Find Cheap Clothes for Kids

  • Second Hand Stores - Shopping at a local or online second hand store or website requires a lot of patience's. Especially when looking for cheap kids' clothes! Although this is an ideal source to find afterschool and play clothes, with a little perseverance, you can find good deals on trendy clothes for kids cheap, if you're lucky!
  • Warehouse Outlets - Finding inexpensive clothes for kids is quite easy when you know where to find warehouse outlets. With a little gas, spare time and a budget, parents can find discounts of 50% off on kids' clothes. Finding cheap name brand clothes like "Osh Kosh B' Gosh", "Out of the Box" and "Wild Republic" at outlet stores is very easy. But if you really want to save some money, try shopping on the clearance racks. You can find cool inexpensive kids' clothes at discount prices as low as 60 % -70% off!
  • Online shopping - Moms on a budget can find kids clothing at marginal prices they can really get excited about. Going online to official department store websites and other online stores can yield huge deals on the latest kids' clothes for less money than you think!
  • Swap Meets / Flea Markets - Many parents working on a budget find great deals on clothes for kids at a swap meet or flea market. The best part of shopping for kids clothes at a flea market or swap meet are the low cost kids clothing everywhere you look! But make sure to wear you're walking shoes because shopping on a nice summer day at a swap meet can be an all day job!
  • Downtown Discounts - As much as parents hate to take a trip downtown for business, shopping downtown can be just as demanding. Going downtown may be task but with a little energy and time parents can financially benefit from finding inexpensive durable kids clothes at downtown clothing stores.
  • Buy Bigger - Most parent waste tons of money every year buy clothes that "fit just right"! Buying clothes that fit your child perfectly is without a doubt a waste of time and money. Save money on kids' clothes by buying them a size or two larger. Using those sewing skills to tailor your kids' clothes now will save you loads of cash and gas later. Especially since all you have to do is let the hem or waist line out when the clothes get too tight!

Give your budget a break! Remember kids are constantly growing and what fits today may not fit tomorrow!  Take heed to these tips on how to find cheap clothes for kids and save money and time.

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