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Even though they may not be paying attention to some of their toys now, it's likely they will notice pretty quickly when it's missing later so there are probably  better options. One answer could be to create more childrens toy storage to keep the clutter down in your home.

Easy Solutions For Organizing Children's Toy Storage

Childrens toy storage can be something as simple as a cardboard box. This simple solution could work if it is kept in good condition. However, with little ones in and out of it all day long, you really need something that is more permanent.

Storage for kids rooms doesn't have to be cute and kitschy, just functional. Is there room under the bed. Well, to take care of the storage problem and the urge to look for a monster every night, either buy some long, shallow storage boxes or build a frame that has drawers. Also the closet can be made into a more efficient storage unit. Just organize the clothes into a more compact space and then insert the storage boxes. Milk crates also work to store the least used toys there.

Another good area for children's toy storage is out in the living room. The box where toys and other items are kept in can be something that complements the rest of the room. It doesn't have to look like a toy box. You can store some of their toys in there so that when they are playing in the living room they don't have to drag toys from somewhere else. You can also have effective childrens toy storage in areas where your grown up items would normally go. If there are dishes and silverware for dolls, put them in the cupboard. How about crafts and coloring books. If you are crafty, store them in the same place that you store your things. This can make children feel more grown up, something that children may love.

If you live in an apartment complex this may not be possible, but outside is a great place to store thing also. If you have a shed, designate a certain portion of it to kid's toys. Have them help build some reachable shelves and some storage lockers. Just for safety's sake, make sure that you are with them any time they access a shed that contains chemicals or any other hazardous things they could get into.

Any of these ideas for children's toy storage is easy to manage and will get some of the clutter out of the house. Just keep it simple, and involve the rug rats with whatever solutions you come up with. Ask them for ideas also. You never know what they may come up with that will help you eliminate some of the clutter.

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