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If you've been put on - or are considering going on - an elimination diet, you're probably at least little less than thrilled about your upcoming meal choices. After all, elimination diets generally seem to "eliminate" most of the fun or delicious things to eat. But consulting with a healthcare professional can help you put together your own personalized diet that may still allow you to enjoy the foods and flavors you love!

What Is An Elimination Diet?

For the unfamiliar, the goal of elimination diets is to remove any foods that may potentially trigger an intolerance and therefore cause digestive discomfort. Typically, this starts by removing foods and ingredients and then slowly re-introducing them to figure out which one(s) trigger your digestive sensitivities. This is all done while under the care of a healthcare professional like a registered dietitian or nutritionist who specializes in these types of diets.

Aren't Elimination Diets Guaranteed To be Boring?

From the description, an elimination diet sounds more like a punishment than something that will actually help solve your digestive issues and make you feel great. And yeah, restricting what you can eat to that extent is certainly no fun. But it's worth it - and you've got to keep the end reward in mind and your eyes on the prize of improving your digestive health!

Elimination Diets Can Still Be Enjoyable

Reading labels and researching how to best follow a low FODMAP diet can be the key to choosing foods that you enjoy even if your menu is restricted.   

For instance, if you’re on an exclusion diet, Nestle Health Science’s ProNourish™ Drinks could be an option, as they are low in FODMAPs (specific carbohydrates that may trigger digestive sensitivities) and they are super tasty. Plus they contain 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger, and there's only six grams of sugar and 170 calories per bottle. They do not contain gluten or high fructose corn syrup and are suitable for people with lactose intolerance (not for individuals with Galactosemia).

With two delicious flavors of French Vanilla or Strawberry Banana, ProNourish™ Drinks can serve as a quick snack or mini-meal. Click here to download a coupon and try the drinks or learn more at

Your Health Is The Sweetest Reward

With elimination diets, it's all about the end goal. Improving your gut comfort and minimizing problems that stem from digestive sensitivities might be worth avoiding some of your favorite foods - or taking the time to find options like ProNourish™ Drinks.

After all, an elimination diet isn't necessarily meant to exclude all of the fun from your meals! Plus the payoffs of feeling great are certainly worth all the restrictions and effort. 

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