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shutterstock 180776480 CroppedCottons balls, egg coloring and jelly beans will go a long way on Easter Sunday.

Easter is a wonderful time of year and if you have children they add even more joy to this celebratory season. Having Easter egg hunts, giving your children baskets full of marshmallow bunnies and jelly beans and visiting the bunny at the mall are only part of the excitement. As parents, what can we do to create lasting memories for our little ones?

There are many ways to show the Easter Bunny came to your house to add to the excitement on that special Sunday morning. Grab a few cotton balls, jelly beans and some baby powder and let’s get to work.

Cotton Ball Bunny Tails and Jelly Bean Trails

An easy way to show your kids the bunny came is to leave a jelly bean trail from their room. Start the trail by their door or bed, depending on if they are heavy sleepers, and have the jelly beans lead them down a certain path. At the end of the trail, leave their Easter basket full of candy and treats.

To add to this effect go through your medicine cabinet and grab some cotton balls. Take them and rip some pieces off to leave by the candy trail. When your kids are following the path show them that pieces of the bunny’s tail fell off along the way.

Bunny Prints and Carrots

Leaving Easter Bunny tracks is easy thanks to your child’s baby powder. In areas of your house with tile or wooden, or even outside, grab the baby powder and sprinkle some on the ground. Make a bunny shaped footprint in the powder and show your kids where the Easter Bunny walked.

Take the idea of cookies for Santa and apply them to Easter, but for this holiday use carrots. Encourage your kids to leave carrots out and nibble off the edges of them to show your kids that the bunny enjoyed their treat. You can also leave nibbled carrot pieces by the baby powder footprints illustrating that the bunny had to eat and run because he had many homes to visit.

Breakfast Surprises

After your kids go to bed the night before Easter, head towards the kitchen. Grab a dozen eggs and color them, then place them back in the original carton. When you are making your kids breakfast pull out the eggs and act surprised when you see the bunny colored the eggs.

Add to the breakfast surprises by coloring a gallon or half gallon of milk pink using strawberry powder or syrup. Tell your kids that the Easter Bunny left them special candied milk.

With children the Easter excitement is never ending. These easy extra steps are how memories are made for kids. Be sure you have your camera ready.

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