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early-signs-of-conceptionHoping You Have Concieved?  What are All Those Little Signs? 

How can you tell when you are pregnant? Those moments between intercourse and discovering if you have conceived are some of the most thrilling, nerve wracking days a woman can have in her life. The desire to have a child is a strong pull for many and the hope of success is often all consuming and pervasive for a couple who is hoping for conception. There are many early signs of conception that couples can be on the lookout for as they wait to find out if they have been successful.

Upon conception each woman has her own bodily reactions and symptoms of conception. However, there are quite a few symptoms that are common for all when successful conception occurs.

Early Signs of Conception

1. Light Spotting

One of the most prevalent early signs of conception is the likely chance of having light spotting. This can occur very early after concieving (about a week or ten days). The reason this is such a common symptom helping to signal that you are pregnant, is that it is even occurring in the first place. Early spotting will usually occur when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. Since this has to happen for all successful conceptions, it occurs very often for most women.

2. Missing Your Cycle Date

Of course along with this is the likelihood of missing your cycle date. Most women look to missing a period as the ultimate sign of conceiving. When you conceive your body shuts down that biorhythm and keeps it pretty much shut down until after childbirth. With little exception these two are the first notable change after conceiving.

3. Frequent Urination

When conception occurs, and within the first week to ten days, you will also notice that you tend to urinate more following impregnation more than you did prior. Your body's hormones go into overdrive very quickly are conceiving in order to start gearing your body up for what is going to occur over the next nine months. So, your hormones are a bit out of whack, the increased urination is just one of the results of these hormone changes. Indeed, after conceiving the change in hormones will impact many other aspects of your life and your body.

4. Change in Body Temperature

Normally after ovulation your body temperature tends to run high, when conception occurs your temperature might stay elevated. This is different than normal, normally your body temperature would return back to average levels, when you conceive it will stay elevated and might stay higher for a while when you conceive.

5. Cramps

Along with the light spotting sign of conception which will likely occur, do not be surprised if it is also accompanied by some post conceptions cramping which can be uncomfortable for some women. This is again because the embryo is attaching to the uterine wall, this attachment tends to cause cramping and a little discomfort which will abate quickly (a few days).

6. Nausea

Almost half of the women who get pregnant get nauseous in their first trimester. The body is absorbing so many new intakes, the hormones are going a bit crazy, you're probably eating some strange things because of cravings and in general the body just reacts with a queasy stomach. This is a first trimester symptom and tends to disappear. Some women feel nauseous much early than others and it really up to the individual when it will or won't occur.

7. Food Cravings

Other first trimester symptoms of conception include those food cravings mentions above as well as food aversions. The body begins to desire different foods, often times ones that you did not like before. Conversely, some foods that you use to love you won't be able to look at for a while.

8. Mood Swings

Additionally, after conceiving you will find that you will experience some mood swings. Many of the early signs of conception are caused by the hormone changes that your body is going through. When your body gets adjusted to the influx of hormonal changes, all of these earlier symptoms tend to disappear.

More Signs of Conception

Lastly there are a few other unusual hints of conception which include breast or nipple tenderness, darkening of the area around the nipples, bowel movement difficulties and fatigue. The severity of these symptoms will differ from woman to woman. There are many early signs of conception. Once you have experienced some of them there are many ways to verify whether or not you are pregnant. An over-the-counter pregnancy kit is the best and fastest way, followed by a visit to the doctor if the test comes back positive.  Then you will know that you have conceived!
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