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Planning to work on your fitness in the New Year? You've probably already researched and created a workout plan and perhaps a diet plan as well. And it's all probably fabulous - but have you considered how you might include dairy as part of your 2017 fitness and wellness #goals? 

Dairy Is Your Secret Weapon In The Gym.

Or on the field, track, or studio depending on what your favorite activities are and where you need to perform your best. 

You probably don't think of cheese, cream, or other dairy products as being particularly healthy or good fuel for workouts. After all, foods using these ingredients can be kind of heavy and filling. However, a glass of milk can be a great way to recover after a serious workout, and many forms of dairy offer plenty of protein and other nutrients that you need to be as healthy and active as possible. 

Dairy Is A Superfood.

Especially for your bones! We all need calcium for strong healthy bones of course, and whether you're an avid athlete or just a regular gym-goer, you want to make sure you're giving yourself the elements that you need to create high bone density. 

Plus, dairy is often fortified with vitamins A and D, making it even more valuable and necessary for your overall health. Finally, it's full of protein, making it exactly what you need after a tough workout! 

Dairy Has You (Re)Covered. 

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Dairy is sometimes touted as a great post-game recovery drink or snack for athletes - and for good reason! Of course, we're starting to think that it's somewhat underrated in this regard. After all, a cold glass of milk is probably not the first thing you reach for after a long run or a tough workout, but perhaps it should be! Chocolate milk (like the reduced fat version from our sponsor AE Dairy) might be an especially delicious post workout treat. 

Not only does dairy have plenty of calcium for strong bones and protein for energy, many of the less processed dairy products contain plenty of good fats that will improve your health in an incredible variety of ways. Just stick to the simpler or "whole" versions of most dairy products, e.g. whole milk, full fat cream and butter, and fresh high quality cheese. 

Dairy Should Be Part Of Your 2017 Regimen, And Here's Why...

There are tons of reasons why you should make eating dairy a key component of your fitness and wellness routine, but perhaps the most important one is also the most basic - high quality and fresh-tasting dairy products just make everything more delicious. And isn't that the best reason of all?


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