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fall-2013-boot-stylesPut your best foot forward with the right pair of boots this fall.

It’s hard to go wrong wearing boots in fall because well... it’s fall. Fall is the time of the year when you can get away with layering your clothes and wearing knee-highs or any kind of boots. Fall boot styles have a long life in fashion and are rarely if ever out, so it’s kind of hard to commit a fashion faux pas.

You can, however, be so into last fall that you miss out on the current fall boot trends. Take a look at the fall boot styles and trends for 2013.

Best Boots for Fall

Let’s start with what’s new. A new take on the combat boot comes hard, tough boots. In every sense of the words, the new style looks that of a feminine male boot with the texture and material most commonly worn by men. But there are lady-like details to these boots so you and your spouse won’t get confused in the morning. These are perfect if you want to go hiking, to the pumpkin patch, or work around the yard.


Sandal cut-out boots are in. Think of a boot that looks like a sandal. The leather crawls up your leg, has a thick heel, and there’s one or more straps across your toes just like a flat or high-heel sandal. Similar to a bootie, sandal boots with cut-outs give a dainty and feminine appearance. It may not be worn by too many because it’s kind of hard to walk in snow or really cold weather when your toes are exposed.

Super high lace-up boots were seen by celebs in summer but they are now a fall boot style we’ll see in stores. We’ll see how high these boots will get as far as price and on consumer’s wish list.

Blue is the color for the season. We see it making an appearance in beauty and it’s here in fall fashion too. Deep, deep blue boots, as if almost black, are hot fall boots you’ll see. Oxblood red is making a comeback as well as the spikes, chains and studs we saw last fall.

Casual ankle boots have gone nowhere. There are simple casual boots and some which have the same details like studs and spikes to add edge. So, bring out those puppies from under your bed, you’re going to be wearing those again.


We already know that boots increase a versatile wardrobe. You can wear your boots, high or low, combat or equestrian, with various pieces, be it jeans, skirts, and dresses. That is what’s so great about fall: mixing and matching and hardly anything is off limits!

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