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17037-female-superhero-dolls-sexismPhoto Credit: AdWeek

Goodbye Damsel in Distress, hello Ruby Rails. Thanks to the toy company, GoldieBlox, little girls (and boys!) have some inspiring super dolls to play with at home. A new action figure, Ruby Rails (and her sidekick Goldie), were unveiled with a power-packed advertisement that encourages girls to leave out the "damsel in distress" mantra, and go for the "hero" attitude.

The action figures hope to encourage a more independent approach to the longstanding tradition of doll-playing. Familiar pack-leader favorites like Indiana Jones and James Bond are reimagined into Ruby Rails and Goldie, who share similar traits as their superhero predecessors, except they're girls.

"The most iconic action heroes are almost always men," says Debbie Sterling, creator of GoldieBlox. She added, "Boys grow up with superhero, and girls grow up with damsels in distress who are saved by those superheroes."

Moreover, "those stereotypes become how kids identify with their own gender."

With young women being exposed to only a small number of powerful female protagonists, this corner of the toy industry encourages young girls to find their inner-hero for their lives.

"It's really important to me to show diversity in the GoldieBlox characters," continued Sterling. "Because I want every kid to be able to look at GoldieBlox and see themselves."

The action figures, which have been a hit with the under-10 crowd for a few years, are packaged with their necessary superhero tools including a laptop for coding and a parachute for escaping unsettling situations.

Sterling aims to lure in girls' interest in science, technology, engineering and math with the introduction of Ruby — a central mission of Sterling's since obtaining her engineering degree from Stanford.

GoldieBlox's presence took the toy scene by storm once already with the assistance in the boycotting of "pink aisles" in toy stores - an aisle once littered with fashion, beauty and domestic toys and almost no knowledge-triggered games.

With the help of Ruby Rails, GoldieBlox continues to push the limits of early-aged sexism constructs. 

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