first-plus-size-line-at-new-york-fashion-weekWhile the fashion world kicks into high gear, there’s one woman who was grabbing attention at the Lincoln Center before NYFW even started. 

Fashion designer Eden Miller of Cabiria has made history. She is the first to ever showcase a plus size clothing line at the world-renowned fashion event in the Big Apple. The Fashion Law Institute featured the line that displayed six different designs, and Miller certainly wasn’t afraid to break the rules.

While the show took place in the smallest venue, the “Box,” it made a big impact. For the most part, Miller tossed solid-colored pieces and embraced bold prints, patterns and fabrics like horizontal stripes and long dresses, which plus size women are usually told to shy away from.


Miller's Take on Plus Size Clothing

According to Yahoo! News, Miller describes her line as, “Simply cut with a consideration for a plus-sized figure. They put it on, and they feel beautiful and that's such a gift to me -- that fuels me to go further."

Soon we’ll see just how far she’ll go. 

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