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It's time to get those DIY projects going for Easter! Candy is always a great gift but this Easter, but it's a little played out, don't you think? There are many more interesting - and healthier - gift ideas for Easter for girls, boys and even adults (that are much healthier too). Do the usual Easter egg hunt but fill those Easter baskets with some more exciting DIY or creative gifts. Get ready to be the coolest Easter bunny this year!

Easter Gifts For Kids

  • Craft sets: This is a fun Sunday afternoon activity that you and your kids can do together. Give them a set of Easter inspired coloring books and crayons or a scrapbooking set.
  • Beauty products: For your daughter, an Easter basket full of pastel nail polish, nail art and some lip glosses is way better than candy!
  • Sports related presents: For your son, fill a basket with sports related stuff like a basketball video games, and a brand new baseball.
  • Games: Give the gift of family fun. Choose from card games, board games and so much more!
  • Stuffed animals: Kids love stuffed animals! Consider stuffed bunnies or stuffed animal key chains to put on their house keys or backpack.

Easter Gifts For Adults

  • Pampering products: Include some pastel colored bath petals, shower gel and bath salts in an Easter, perfect for adults or teenage daughters. Pampering products are a must any time of the year.
  • Wine: Wine never fails! Include a bottle of wine and some specialty cheeses. This will come in handy if you are invited to a friend’s or family member’s Easter brunch celebration.
  • Specialty food and candy: Instead of heading to the dollar store for candy, choose fancier treats for those Easter baskets. Purchase specialty food and candy like chocolates or food from different countries and wrap it up in a cute gift basket.


There are so many possibilities when it comes to Easter gifts for your kids, friends or family. Let out your creative side and make Easter baskets that nobody will forget! 

What gifts do you usually give out on Easter? What gifts do your kids love the most? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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