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Free Money for Mom to Go Back to School

How many times have we been passed up for a good job or promotion because we don't have a two or four year college degree? Probably more than most of us are willing to admit!  According to the US Department of Education an astounding 76% of working moms don't have a degree and rely solely on years of work experience to gain the ideal salary increase or promotion.   Unfortunately in today's economical climate employment longevity is a thing of the past and having a degree seems to be the only golden ticket to the better paying, more secured jobs.

But there's good news on the horizon!  The Federal Government along with the US DOE has funneled billions of dollars in back to school grants for moms who want to improve their financial outlook.  The Obama moms back to school grant is one of many funding opportunities allocated specifically for single moms and even dads. This grant and others just like it can provide as little as $2000.00 to as much as $25,000.00 towards a college education.  This means that under federal delegation thousands of single mothers can take refuge in the fact that gaining a better education is much easier to attain, thus leading the way for families to survive during these unpredictable times.

One grant in particular is the "Obama Moms Back to School Grant" specifically designed to entice single moms to get a degree.  And the only requirements are a desire to go back to school, the determination to complete and of course the patience to siphon through the countless types of back to school grants. So if you're tired of making excuses and serious about making a change take a look at a few federal grants available and how to get a college degree without spending too much money or time away from the family.

Federal and private funding is also available in the form of back to school scholarships, which can cover up to 80% of the college tuition.   Another federal grant called FASFA is federal funding based on annual household income that can cover up to 35% of the cost to go back to school.   These types of grants can cover or even reduce the cost of books, tuition and living expenses while attending school full and part time.  Plus many of these grants are approved for online universities and degree programs.  And this means you can attend classes at home or work.

The best part of being awarded one of these grants is there are no long term repayment commitments.  Therefore taking the smart approach and properly applying for back to school grants could equal thousands of dollars shaved off those student loans putting a college degree well within reach.  To locate a grant go online to the USDOE site or simply follow the link provided in the "Obama asks moms to go back to school" pop-up ads and emails.  Now what are you waiting for?  A new education is only a mouse click a way!

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