how-fashion-week-affects-the-plain-janeWhy care about Fashion Week if you aren’t a fashion guru?

This is for the crowd who looks at shoes and wonders how uncomfortable they are, or the women who put a shirt back on the rack because they can't let themselves "spend that much on a blouse." Here's why Fashion Week is worth your time and why you should watch it. 

You might be able to guess that the t-shirt and jeans are my go-to outfit nearly every day... and I DO get scuffed at a little from my fashion-obsessed friends. I don’t understand accessorizing with long necklaces or having 30 pairs of shoes to match one in three outfits in my closet. I have a tendency to be the plain jane in the group and this fashion talk during Fashion Week really makes me feel like I’m on a another planet.

But, there are some things maybe the plain jane should appreciate about Fashion Week trends that change our culture every fall, especially this year’s 2013 Fashion Week show.

Shopping Could Be Worse

The purpose of Fashion Week is to let major buyers from the clothing markets watch runway after runway of either new styles or recycled styles. Without Fashion Week, buyers wouldn’t know what’s popular enough to bring into your favorite clothing stop. The stores in the mall could have been stuck with 80s trends unless clothing designers indicated a set goal to hit a 'refresh' button on all of the current styles.

Fabrics Could Be Uglier

I’ve never been comfortable wearing floral fabrics that smother my skin. While this may have been the style at one point or another, some of us wish to wear more solid colors instead. Without Fashion Week, stretching fabric possibilities wouldn’t happen as drastically. We might still be stuck with polka dots on everything.

Innovators Could Go Stale

The greatest thing our country needs is to keep pushing the boundaries in everything we do, whether it’s technology, art or fashion. Without Fashion Week, America would have never stepped away from the European influence of how to dress. This is why New York was the first to begin Fashion Week back in 1943, to set our country apart from the fashion industry in Paris.

The Mini-Skirt Could've Confined

This clothing item really turned a page in our culture. Without Fashion Week, the 1960 mini-skirt wouldn’t have evolved our idea about women. The mini-skirt fashion movement also changed attitudes about sex and the female right to show skin if she wanted.

If you have friends like I do who live for Fashion Week, this list should help you combat negative feelings about this time of the year around the rest of your best-dressed friends. Look at it this way, without fashion innovators always coming up with new trends, we still might be stuck with some ugly clothes.

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