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Hosting your own holiday partyStay sane and host the absolute perfect first Thanksgiving at your home! You probably think you’ve got some shoes to fill as your mom or grandma always hosts Thanksgiving and it’s flawless. But remember, this is your day. You don’t have to perfectly mimic your mom’s Thanksgiving. 

Everyone’s coming to enjoy family and friends. If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, it's important to plan ahead, take advantage of preparing the night before and just have fun with it! Here are some tips to have the perfect first Thanksgiving!

Limit your guest list: Keep in mind the space you have, your kitchen size, dining table size and how many people you think you could sanely host on your first try. 

Informal invitations: Let people know the time and address in an informal way. You don’t want to spend all your time on the invitations but you also need a head count. 

Get some help: Have your mom or hubby help. Ask attendees to bring something like an appetizer or dessert. 

If you can, take the day before off: This isn’t possible for everyone but if you give your work a heads up, you should take the day before Thanksgiving off to do preliminary preparation so you aren’t overwhelmed the day of. 

Decorating: Do your Thanksgiving decorating a few days before the bash. Do minimalistic décor. Have a few nice setups of gourds, pumpkins, cute knick-knacks, a Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece, etc. 

Plan your menu ahead of time: Gather up ingredients and recipes for main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. Also find out if there are any food allergies from your guests. Cook or bake anything you can the night before that would keep well in the freezer or fridge until the big day.

It’s okay to use shortcuts: Use canned pumpkin for your pie, use canned cranberry sauce and buy whipped cream for your desserts instead of making your own. 

Go to bed early: Go to bed early, get some sleep and get up early. You may think many things are done the night before but you’ll need plenty of time in the morning and early afternoon. 

Don’t forget what Thanksgiving is all about: We know you want to make a great impression for your first attempt at this holiday but remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving.


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