How to Properly Tweeze and Shape Eyebrows

If you've ever seen the Photoshopped photos of celebrities without eyebrows, then you know just how important eyebrows are for the face. We tend to forget about them, but the eyebrows are one of the key facial features that make or break a look. A tweeze here and a shape there can brighten up your eyes and do wonders for your face. So many women say that when they get their eyebrows cleaned up and shaped, they feel like a new woman. It may be something you’ve tried to do but couldn’t because you were scared, or you failed miserably by removing half of your brow. We’re going to start you off on a clean slate with these tips on how to properly tweeze and shape your eyebrows.

Cleaning Up the Brows

Clean ups are the simplest thing to do. All you need is a tweezer or eyebrow shaper. Just tweeze or lightly shave (using the shaper) away the hairs around your natural eyebrow shape and arch. Focus on the unruly hairs below your eyebrow, above your eyebrow, and in between your eyebrows. Be careful not to do any blunt shaving because you will end up taking off more hair than you want and will cut yourself. Just get rid of the hairs that give you a fuzzy cat appearance (this will mainly be underneath the brow.)

Face and Brow Shapes


For every face shape, there is a flattering eyebrow shape.

  1. Long face: Flat or horizontal eyebrows are most flattering on your face. The eyebrow makes the face appear shorter and rounder.
  2. Heart face or diamond face: You have a face of love and so rounding your eyebrows (just like the tops of a heart) looks best on you. These eyebrows soften the face, making it appear more round, and emphasizes your rounder parts of your face instead of the chin area.
  3. Round face and square face: An angled or soft angled eyebrow which is arched to perfection, being thick until the eyebrows highest point and thins out to the brow’s end, is perfect for you. These shapes help you to look more youthful while opening up your eye area.
  4. If you’re looking for a natural face lift, try an angled brow. If you want a subtle brow peak instead of pointed like the angled shape, try the soft angled brow.
  5. Curved brows are a style all face shapes can wear. Though not often worn, it’s complimentary to anyone and gives a rather chic yet clean look.

If you desire any of the above, we suggest you start fresh. Meaning, grow out your brows to get the ultimate eyebrow arch you want. First, decide where your (bottom) brow line will start and end. Tweeze the hairs or use your shaper to remove more hair at once. Carefully tweeze the extra hairs. You can perfect your shape by tending to the few hairs above the brow, but don’t take off too much.

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