inside-the-fashion-week-gift-bag-As if Fashion Week couldn't get more exciting, did you know that tucked under most seats in the tents at Lincoln Center are gift bags filled with giveaways and goodies? Hope you look good in green--you're about to become envious at the swag given away at NYFW!

You didn't think the guests' would leave empty handed, did you? Perfectly packed and tucked under some seats are gift bags containing beauty accessories, clothing, gift certificates and more. Find out what's in the gift bags from Fashion Week

What Your Favorite Celebs and Fashion Insiders are Getting in Their Gift Bags

  • Make-up and hair products: Ugh, as if they aren't gorgeous enough already. Inside many gift bags are products used on the models--lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras, hairsprays etc. Color me jealous!
  • Custom candy: Fashion week days are long and busy. Sometimes there's no time to go for a real lunch or dinner. (Kind of ironic when you think about it!) Many designers get chocolate bars, jelly beans, mints or gum manufactured with their logo on the package. Mmm...nothing like a tasty mint to fill you up for a day on the runway sidelines!
  • Gift certificates and coupons: Sponsors know they've got a captive audience focused on the trendiest stuff, spots and swag at NYFW, so why not give away a gift card or coupon for a free latte, pair of headphones or massage?
  • Undies, tights and other accessories: Sure, it's not a couture coat, but who would turn down free clothes in any form? Several gift bags featured new suck-me-in tights and cute underwear, including seamless thongs!
  • The bag itself: Big designers have big budgets and big sponsors, meaning their giveaways may include an actual in, a fashionable tote or purse filled with treats! Cue the jealously...

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