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marijuana-legalizations-effect-on-womenRecreational pot use has been officially approved in Colorado. Here is what pot legalization means for women.

The Governor of Colorado has officially signed a bill to permit recreational use of pot, though it remains to be seen just how the marijuana will be distributed and taxed. The ballot measure won by 10 percent and allows possession and personal use of as much as an ounce of marijuana for adults 21 years of age and up. In addition, pot users can possess up to six plants at their residences. Governor Hickenlooper has stated that though he was against the measure, he will honor the voter's preferences.

How Does Pot Affect Women?

  • Women that use pot regularly run the risk of damaging the reproductive system, since the drug changes the hormone levels. Many women find that their monthly cycles are irregular and unpredictable.

  • Heavy marijuana use can decrease fertility, as well in both men and women. Pot use in men decreases the sperm's ability to move as quickly and also contributes to sperm abnormalities.

  • Women that use pot while pregnant or breastfeeding pass along the drug through the placenta and breast milk, resulting in increased risk of complications and poor feeding habits.

  • Marijuana is the number one drug of choice in women of reproductive age.

Medical Marijuana Benefits for Women

On the flip-side, using pot for medical reasons has been known to be of help to women. Here are some benefits of smoking marijuana.

Alzheimer's Disease: The THC in the marijuana has been known to slow the progression of the disease by keeping the "Alzheimer's plaques" from developing in the brain.

Multiple Sclerosis: Patients with spasticity and pain in the extremities report relief and better overall mood.

Epilepsy: Marijuana has been shown to help control the unexpected seizures in women with epilepsy, according to a study out of Virginia Commonwealth University.

Glaucoma: Marijuana has been shown to alleviate the intraocular pressure of glaucoma, which can render a woman blind. Other proponents of the drug claim that pot reverses the deterioration of the eye as well.

Depression and Anxiety: Proponents of marijuana use claim that pot decreases anxiety and lifts the mood with even occasional use, according to USC and Harvard studies.

Hepatitis C: A University of California study in 2006 revealed that use of pot increases the drug therapy effectiveness by increasing appetite, reducing nausea, fatigue and muscle aches.

The Governor of Colorado has appointed a task force to research ways to both distribute and tax the drug, much like alcohol and cigarettes are taxed. In the meantime, the Federal Government is poring over the approved law because the drug is still considered illegal nationally.

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