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moving-to-england-part-3I was set to move my family to England. With just two more days, I was in control and able to check the hundreds of emails that had accumulated. A nice hot cup of tea by my side, my plan was to scroll through the subject lines and tackle the “must do’s” first.  Let’s see Groupon, Groupon, joke from mom, Amazon, will your plane fly out due to the hurricane, your utility bill. Back up. What hurricane?

Apparently some dude name Earl was rolling around out there, causing all kinds of winds and destruction and was headed our way. Who names these hurricanes?


“But Mom I thought you said we didn’t HAVE to bring in the patio furniture?”

Anything that wasn’t mounted to the ground was loaded into my shed in preparation for the hurricane. The only remaining question was whether or not we would get out in time. The clock was ticking and with each passing day, the kids were missing more schoolwork. I decided that in light of everything I failed to control in my moving process, I would leave it in God’s hands.

In the end, we barely made it. We were the last family loaded on the plane before they closed the terminal for everyone to go home. The bad news was that they sold our seats. The good news was that they bumped all but one out of six, to business class. My son, the angel, volunteered and we flipped him a few bucks for his troubles.  Maybe the endless stream of tasks was over? Maybe I could finally sit back and take it all in? I reclined my chair and began flipping through the movie selection.

I knew what could possibly lie ahead however my children did not. When I looked across the isle to check on my oldest, the tears were rolling down her face. Despite the fact that I knew I was doing the right thing, my heart broke for her. I think if she resisted and fought us, I wouldn’t have felt so bad. The fact that she had left her first love without one complaint killed me. My other daughter was sound asleep. My son in coach walked back and forth the entire flight wondering what he could eat next off my plate, and my little one was fascinated with the fact that he could push a button to put a barrier up and down between the seats.

“Mom they just gave us these flights for free?” He asked.

“Well Carter not exactly but kind of.”

“Wow, this is my best day ever. Dad works pretty hard for this cool stuff.”

In the meantime, he had turned down the gourmet breakfast and instead inhaled potato chips, chocolate covered pretzels, and gummy worms. What did I care? We were going to England, that was the least of my problems.

I would go over to Maegan and try to play cards with her and just get her talking, diverted from the pain behind her and focused on the opportunity ahead.

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