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CapeTackleIs it really (almost) back-to-school time already? Where has the summer gone!

This year, my kids lost about three weeks of summer vacation due to the numerous snow days that had to be made up at the end of their school year. So, instead of an almost three-month summer break, my family is squeezing all the summer fun we can cram in to approximately eight weeks. Let me tell you, it's flying by quickly.


The weeks have been zipping by and I'm already in back-to-school mode. I've been cleaning out closets, replacing jackets, pjs, and stocking up on some back-to-school basics. I know we've still got three weeks to go, but once I get into this whirling dervish mode, lets just say the dervish doesn't stop until mid-fall. No kidding.

At the spotting of the first fall and back-to-school flyer, ad, or coupon, I turn into the Energizer bunny and I can't seem to stop myself, LOL. Another form of retail therapy, I suppose. Although I will tell you this: when I was in my younger (read: single, no kids, no responsibilities) days, retail therapy used to have a lot more to do with Nordstrom's and DKNY. But I digress.

Who knew that back-to-school shopping would bring such a similar charge (no pun intended)? It just always seems that this is the time of year for a fresh start, even if that only means new notebooks and school clothes. All those years of school and September "start dates" permanently imprinted on my brain that fall is special kind of clean slate. 

For me, it begins with cleaning out the kids drawers and closets, donating clothes that no longer fit them, and filling up on basics.  And, true confession: I've actually become a very smart shopper since having children. Between rewards cards, coupons, and those coveted "bucks" that retailers give after you hit a certain annual spending threshold, I often find myself shopping off-season to grab the best sales and combine it with my bucks, coupons, or other offers. I'm sure all our savvy moms reading this do exactly the same. And with coupons right at our online fingertips, I've long since forgotten about shopping "retail" without any coupons. Forget it. Landing those deals are part of the fun. In fact, if I can't find an online promo code or a printable coupon, I typically go to a different store or site to make the purchase. Wow. I just might quality for one of those heart-thumping, extreme coupon reality shows. I think I might be that bad at this point, LOL.

That said, if you've got some smart back-to-school strategies you'd like to share with me, please do! Send your ideas to and I'll happily share your words of wisdom with our readers.

Until then, I hope that you and your family are cramming in all the summer fun you can. Get it while it lasts! Homework, school lunches, and carpools will be here before you know it.


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