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Dog groomers have one job; providing a makeover for the dog to look exactly like their picture-perfect dog breed.

One professional dog pageant groomer shares that if you ask any dog groomer what they wanted to be when they grew up, they’ll most likely say they dreamed about becoming a dog groomer. People don’t necessarily discover they want to be a dog groomer because there’s already a want to work with animals as a career. Once people get into dog-grooming pageants though, many love it and never want to leave the occupation.

Divisions in a Dog-Grooming Pageant

  • A-Division: Seasoned groomers who have been competing a lot and also won multiple times before.
  • B-Division: Not necessarily new groomers, but new to the grooming competition world.

In order for B-Division groomers to move to the A-Division, they must win three times in the B-Division to move to ‘A’.

What Do Dog Groomers Do?

This occupation is not just about using scissors and razors. A dog groomer prepares the dog for a judge who looks for smoothness of clipping, hand-stripping (pulling out the dog’s dead outer coat layer), combing and other precise scissor cuts. In between every toe even gets combed.

Some winners from dog pageants also get the opportunity to go to Spain to be part of the World Grooming Team.

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