When you want to look your best in your summer swimwear and contend with those skimpy revealing bikinis and bathing suits while sun bathing at the beach or by the pool try plus size swim suit cover ups to give you and your plus size swimsuit more sex appeal.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups for More Sex Appeal

Summer beach wear cover-ups are in big demand this year, especially among full figured women. This is because full figure women detest the idea of exposing those extra belly rolls and cottage cheese thighs.  We all know there's nothing sexy about that! The good news is there are a number of plus size swimming suit cover up styles that are sexy and fun to wear with your plus size swim suit.

But before getting down to the niddy gritty on different types of swimsuit cover-ups, let's explore three important factors full figured women should consider when choosing sexy cover-ups for plus size swimsuits that will help you in making the right choice in women's swimsuit cover-ups this year.

The first and most important factor full figured women should consider is the fabric.  Just as fabric types are important for the ideal plus size swim suit, choices in sexy swimsuit cover ups for plus size women fabrics are equally important.  One reason the fabric choice is important is to offer an additional slimming effect to the swimsuit.   The second reason fabric choices are essential for cover ups is how well a swimming suit cover up holds up to hot summer weather.

Essentially cooler fabric choices that are light weight like cotton, linen, gauze and rayon are ideal for all types of plus size cover-ups.  Even sheer polyesters and nylons are ideal choices that not only make you look slimmer and feel cool but these fabrics also offer that certain sex appeal all women look for in their swimwear.

The second important factor to consider when looking for a sexy plus size cover up is the color.  As with any item of clothing plus size women should deviate from loud boisterous colors.  This concept remains the same with sexy cover ups for full figured women!  Keeping the color simple is the key element women want to go for when choosing the right cover up style for plus sizes.  Consider dark or cool colors, like a sheer black, blue or brown.  Even whites, creams and tans work well as a sexy cover up for plus size women.

Print pattern is the third most important factor to finding sex appeal in a swimsuit cover up for plus sizes.  Print patterns should be simple excluding large circles, bold flower prints and geometric shapes.  But then again somce cool animal prints on a sheer plus size swimsuit cover up can be very sexy!

Now that you've have a general idea of three most important factors to finding the ideal swimsuit cover up for plus size women, we can move on to the different styles of cover ups to really wake up the sex appeal in your summer swimwear.  Here is a list of the most trendy plus size swimwear cover-up styles for this year:

  • Dress style swim wear cover ups - These sexy sheer dress style swim suit cover ups are great for plus size women. Available in a variety of fabrics, prints and neck lines, they offer not only sex appeal but a cool slimming effect to your full figure. You can choose from wrap around, pull over, button or zip down styles.
  • Sarong cover ups - Sarong cover ups for plus size women are especially sexy looking and offer loads of sex appeal and confidence when going out to the beach. They come mainly in wrap around styles both long and short lengths.
  • Two piece cover up pant suits - If you're a little self conscious about your weight maybe a sheer loose fitting cover up two piece pants set can give you the confidence and sex appeal you need to get out and flaunt your full size figure.
  • Cover up skorts - Cover up skorts are still in style and ideal for summer wear. These cute little skirts with attached shorts offer super sex appeal to full figured women. Mixed and matched with a cool sheer nylon cover up shirt will help full sized women enjoy a day at the beach.

This year full figured women will be stepping out in style and bursting with tons of confidence and sex appeal wearing cool summer plus size swim suits and sexy cover-ups.  So what are you waiting for?  Get out and find a sexy summer cover up for your plus size figure and work the beach scene this year!

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