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product-review-fitness-workouts-by-ellen-barrettEllen Barrett's new workout video series are a great choice for any woman!

Ellen Barrett’s new “fusion fitness” video series provides individuals with calming yet strenuous workouts that evenly tone all of the body’s muscles. Based on her personal motto, “exercise should always feel good,” Barrett focuses on creating fluid body movement that is vigorous without being painful.

About the Series

The series is perfect for individuals of any fitness level, offering modified movements for those who are not yet ready to “level up” on some of the exercises, and the graceful transitions from move to move prevent burning out before the workout is over. Barrett recognizes that many of her audience members may be rather crunched for time when it comes to working out, which is why she keeps her videos between thirty and forty-five minutes.

"Sleek Sculpt Express"

The “Sleek Sculpt Express” uses light hand weights to tighten and tone the muscles of the body. The unbroken movements keep the body warm all the way through the video, and unlike typical weight workouts, all the muscles in the body remain engaged, instead of just the arms and shoulders. Barrett expresses to her audience that she wants their bodies to “multi-task." That means for it to work multiple areas of the body at once for the most efficient workout possible. In just 30 minutes, individuals will feel their muscles tighten and tone from head to toe!

"Super Fast Body Blast"

The “Super Fast Body Blast,” another 30 minute video, provides viewers with a barefoot cardio workout that combines exercises from Pilates, dance and yoga. Together, these three techniques work to create a continuous flow of motion that extends to the whole body without putting too much strain on any particular part of it. Filled with lots of energetic steps and swinging arm movements, the video is simply a fun way to get active. Barrett does a fine job of making her exercises seem less like a workout and more like an enjoyable dance sequence.

"Fusion Floor Workout"

The “Fusion Floor Workout” is unique in that it takes place entirely on the floor. That’s right - not once during the video is standing used! But do not think that this means the video is easier than the others; in fact, it might be the most difficult in the series. Borrowing from typical ballet exercises, the Fusion Floor Workout’s choreographed movements challenge the arms and legs a surprising amount. Beyond that, the video also focuses on energizing the body and finding peace of mind. By the end of the workout, individuals will feel full of grace and more aware of their bodies.

Overall, the videos are a great and quick way to squeeze a workout into a busy schedule, no matter one’s fitness level. Barrett has designed her exercises with the assumption that an individual may be doing the video late at night after a long day of work, and thus she aims to provide them with peaceful, fluid workouts that relax and calm individuals in addition to burning calories and holistically conditioning the muscles of the body.

Barrett herself is a very impressive figure. Not only does she look phenomenal, but she remains cheerful and encouraging the entire way through her videos. Her optimism carries individuals through her workouts, making even the toughest exercises seem like a breeze. What more can you ask of a workout?

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