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shutterstock 148924946 CroppedThere are some problems that women are embarrassed to talk about - but it's something nearly all of us deal with and it's better to get them out in the open, no? One of those problems is light bladder leakage, an issue that many women deal with as they get older, especially if they've had children. 

But we think it's better to get things out into the open, and share advice, tips, and especially products that help us deal with these difficult but surprisingly common issues. And one of those products is the new StayFree Stayfree™ UltraThin. These super thin and comfortable pads are perfect for everyday (whether it's that time of the month or not) and can help prevent leaks, odors, and absorb perspiration. 

Even better? Now, you can save (LINK TO OFFER) on the new Stayfree™ UltraThin. Talk about helping out in more ways than one! 

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