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Second Hand Clothing

Second Hand Rose A Sweet Deal

One woman's scrap is another woman's treasure!  Believe it or not, tons of name brand second hand clothes can be found at the local thrift store for unbelievable prices. Go on a treasure hunt and discover a world of discounted bargains in mint condition.  Yes, it will take a little research, a little of your time and you may have to sort through some really wild rejects.  But if you have the time you can find second hand clothes with designer labels that look great and save loads of money in the process.

Where to Find Second Hand Clothes

If you're looking for bargains on second hand clothes one of the best places to shop for the greatest bargains is at a thrift store. Whether you're looking for a polyester suit, cotton casuals or even a cashmere sweater, taking a trip to the local thrift store can be quite rewarding.

Don't be ashamed to shop at a second hand store for used clothes.  Women have shopped for second hand deals on clothing, shoes and other products for years.  And in many cases they find some incredible deals on designer outfits, name brand appliances, fur coats, suits and shoes without anyone ever knowing they were second hand outfits.

And since today's thrift store is nothing like the department store, going on a little shopping spree at the coroner thrift store can be a great way to find nice clothes that won't put you in debt but will keep you in style.

And if you are a fashionista  with a flair and even a little creativity, tweaking second hand garments to create a unique trendy look can be easy and quite fun.   Take it fom second hand roses, Madonna and the Olsen twins, the  mixing and matching different styles of bargain clothes can put you in the fashion hot seat! Thrift stores can be the ideal place to discover a hidden fashion designer niche by coordinating outfits from various clothing eras. Or go for pure vintage.

Another great reason to shop for second hand fashions at a local thrift store such as the Salvation Army, Junior League Thrift, The Goodwill, or a St. Vincent De Pauls is the fact that local thrift stores often help put money back into the local economy.  They discriminately filter charitable contributions including apparel and only select clothes that are in good condition for their stores.  Stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army can easily refuse clothing which can not be worn or sold for a profit. They often sell these bundles off as rags or fabric.  Another benefit is that the the proceeds from second hand clothing sales will go towards community assistance and sometimes toward programs aiding underpriviledged.

In this case, everything that is donated is not necessarily ideal merchandise and anything that is broken, has holes, is ripped or torn and discolored is not acceptable and would never be sold.  In addition, donated merchandise especially bargain clothing is thoroughly washed and inspected for stains or other damage, so for the most part, you don't have to worry about buying faulty clothes.  It is advisable however to carefully inspect buttons, seams, and look for hard to see grease spots or stains, before trying on an item.

A thrifty shopper can really appreciate the discriminatory procedure of selecting appropriate merchandise that thrift stores and second hand clothing stores employ. Especially when you can find a second hand pair of "True Religion" designer jeans, a shirt and shoes to match for under $20 dollars and in good condition.  You can bet and win on a deal like that. In fact all the denim you will find at a thrift market will have already reached that soft pliable pre or stone washed state.  And any shrinkage that might happen has already happened!

Second hand stores aren't the only places to find terrific deals on second hand bargain clothes and shoes. Try your neighborhood yard or garage sales.  Just be sure you get to the sale early.  The real shoppers are waiting in line at sun-up!  You'll soon find the best neighborhoods to shop in.  Finding a nice full length trench coat or a nearly new pair of designer shoes can be easy pickings at a yard or garage sale, not to mention other nifty second hand merchandise that will be up for grabs as well.

Great deals are often to be had if you travel a few miles outside of your neighborhood. Some of the best bargains can be found at an estate yard sale. Although some of the clothing may be slightly outdated and tattered, this is the best place to find second hand evening gowns, after 5 apparel and even second hand jewelry, purses and shoes.

Second hand clothing bargains are abundant at local flea markets too.  While there is an assortment of merchandise to choose from, there is a chance that not all of the items are second hand bargains, so you really have to bargain hunt. And don't forget,you'll also benefit from the opportunity to get in some exercise while walking around, depending on the size of the flea market.

As with all yard, garage or flea market sales there is no guarantee of choice second hand clothing, there's still the potential to save a tremendous amount of money in the event second hand designer clothes are found and in good condition.

And when you consider all the money you are saving by shopping for bargain clothes, shoes, appliances, toys and even furniture, the glow you'll emit will be unmistakably bright when you debut your first "new to you" killer outfit.

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