When you're making a homemade pizza, it can be difficult to get that woodfired oven taste from the conventional gas or electric oven that you probably have in your kitchen. However, grilling pizza on your barbecue can indeed achieve that bubbly, slightly charred crust and taste that will rival any restaurant with a wood-burning oven, and now is the perfect time of year to try it. 

Grilled Pizza Ideas

There are lots of great recipes you can search for on the internet for making your own pizza dough. If you decide to go the route of making your own dough, make a double batch of dough so that you can freeze it for later use when you’re in a hurry. If you do two rises of yeast dough you can freeze it between the first and second rise, then just take it out of the freezer, oil it and let it rise a second time.

Make It A Pizza Party

A fun party tip is to prepare individual size pizza dough portions for guests to make their own pizza. Select the toppings, place them in bowls and everyone can make exactly the kind of pizza they want. If you want to expand out from the list of traditional toppings for grilled pizza, prepare caramelized onions or grilled veggies ahead of time to have for toppings. Pop open a can of artichoke hearts and put out some feta cheese. You can grill some sliced chicken or pre-cooked Italian sausage. Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and fresh basil make a wonderful fresh grilled pizza.

How To Grill Your Pizza

If you decide you want to make pizza grilling an easier meal, pre-made pizza dough is available at many stores. Trader Joe’s and other grocery stores carry whole wheat and herb-flavored dough. Buy a jar of pizza sauce (or any kind of red pasta sauce that you like) and purchase pre-shredded mozzarella.

When it comes time to get ready to grill the pizza, the first step is to press out or roll out your dough. For the culinary adventurers, you can even try tossing the pizza dough. Have all of your ingredients prepared. Make sure to precook toppings such as sausage, chicken, or veggies prior to getting the grill ready.

After you have all of your ingredients laid out and your pizza dough shaped, place the dough on the grill until one side starts to puff up and get crispy and slightly charred. Take the dough off the grill and place the ingredients on the cooked side of the pizza dough. Then place the uncooked side on the grill until the crust is cooked to your taste.

Some pizza grillers suggest that you put your cheese on the bottom and sauce on the top so that the cheese is sure to melt. Other grillers say you can just assemble grilled pizza in the same order as you would traditionally get the pizza at the restaurant. Try out different methods to see what works best on your grill. Get the whole family and your guests involved in the pizza grilling process for guaranteed fun at your next party!


One of life’s great mysteries is how on earth models and celebrities get perfect, beach waves even after being in the heat, sand and sun all day at the beach. Ideally, tousled and wavy summer hair would come easy after spending all day drying out and then getting wet again. But our hair usually ends up looking more like the washed-up seaweed clusters than sun-streaked waves of unrealistic glory we imagined.

Here are five alternative ways of wearing your hair at the beach. Sure, you can still go for the “I’ve just hopped off my yacht” waves, but here are some pretty, simple and attainable hairstyles for the beach.

Best Hairstyles to Rock at the Beach

Sun Hat

Sometimes that whole beach hair thing just isn’t doable. Let’s face it; heat and sweat and humidity aren’t exactly ideal conditions for doing hair. A floppy, straw sun hat keeps your part from getting burnt and your locks from getting tangled. Find a beach hat that will keep its shape even after getting wet or crunched in your beach bag. 

Salt Spray

Find a salt spray at a drug store to spritz in your hair and help get loose, beachy waves. Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb immediately after getting out of the water. Towel dry hair and divide it into sections before spraying salt spray onto the middle and ends. Putting salt on hair mimics what the ocean water is supposed to do, even if you're just at a lake or pool!

Fishtail Braid

Channel your inner mermaid. This tight fishtail braid will stay in all day both in the sand and surf. Divide your hair into two sections and fold an outside piece of hair to the inside of the opposite section. Join the new piece into the old half and hold between your thumb and forefinger. Secure with a rubber band.

'50s Style Scarf

Tie your hair up in a tight bun at the top of your head and secure with an elastic. Find a patterned scarf or bandana to tie around your hairline with the knotting it at the top. If you get hot, go dip the scarf in water, wring it out and tie it back around your head to keep cool and keep frizzy fly-aways under control.

Double French Braid

French braid down both sides of your head after getting in the water. Make sure to braid as far down as possible and then tie both braids with an elastic. Once your hair dries, untie the braids to get wavy, full beach hair. 

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School's out for summer! And while your kids are excited, you're probably also thinking about how you can keep them entertained and engaged all summer, especially on rainy days when no one wants to be cooped up in the house. 

Which is why you need some great activities to keep them busy, like fun crafts that let them express their creativity and keep them out of your hair. Here are some of favorite "Pinteresting" options for this summer. 

Cereal Box Aquarium 

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This is a simple and engaging option that you probably already have a lot of the components for! Plus your kids can get as creative as they want, adding in all kinds of sea creatures and plants. Here's how to make it

Ladybug Painted Rocks


All this takes is some rocks from the backyard, some patio paint, and ModPodge or shellac! Here's how to do it.

Grow Your Own Geodes



Are your kids fascinated by rocks and crystals? This fun and sparkly project is great for future scientists and it's easier than you think. Here's how to grow your stunning geodes

Pinecone Pineapple


This might be the easiest one yet! And a really fun way to do something fun with pinecones that you might already have laying around. Here's how to make them

Colorful Fruit Fans


Fun and practical for summer! Plus they're highly photogenic and Instagrammable. Here's how to make them


17638 Girl scratching mosquito bite

Mosquitoes are causing problems for humans all around the globe. Their bites are an itchy and annoying part of summer, but these tiny pests also can carry potentially deadly diseases. Malaria kills about 450,000 people a year, mainly in Africa and South Asia. While malaria might not be a threat to the United States, mosquitoes in North America do carry other diseases, like West Nile virus, Dengue, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis and now the Zika virus. 

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According to the CDC, the Zika virus was first discovered in 1947 in Uganda. It hadn't been widely diagnosed until 2015 when it spread to Brazil and became a public health emergency. Cases documented in America have been linked only to travelers returning from infected countries, but it is very likely that the virus will continue to spread north from South and Central America and eventually make its way to the United States. West Nile, on the other hand, has been reported in all 48 continental states, with 2,060 confirmed human cases in 2015. Of those, 119 people died. It also affects wildlife and pets, including birds, dogs and horses. 

The difficult thing about the West Nile and Zika viruses is that many people who contract these diseases are asymptomatic or show signs similar to other viruses like the flu. So what can you do to protect yourself and your family from the mosquitoes that carry these and other diseases? Home improvement expert Bob Vila talks about the steps you can take in and around your home:

Also check out this great infographic from the National Pest Management Association to help check your yard for mosquito breeding grounds: