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birdsbeesOr should I say - do you talk to your children about It, you know, the "Birds and The Bees"? My girls were only five and six years old and they haven’t been asking questions about sex just yet (phew), but they do ask questions about where babies come from, how they are born, how they get into the mommy’s tummy, and of course, how they come out.

I don’t know about you, but the first time my daughter asked questions I was completely caught off guard. I admit, this is coming from a mom who tells her girls that they have a “big” bum and a little “bum” (back and front if you don’t get my drift), and who is not entirely comfortable using words like “vagina” and “penis”. I know, I’m 44 – get over it. I’m trying, really.

So when my older daughter went off to a birthday party and my husband and I decided that our younger daughter was too tired to and so had to stay home. I appeased (okay, bribed, I admit it) her and avoided her having a tantrum about having to stay home because I’d let her watch a movie. We found a Netflix Watch Instantly movie called “The Adventures of Milo and Otis.” The description was benign, no people, farm animals featuring a dog and a cat who are friends, and a voiceover by Dudley Moore. So we watched the movie. All is fine until the footage shows a close-up of a dog and later, a cat, delivering their puppies and kittens. In and of itself, this was fine. What I wasn’t ready for were the questions that come up during my girls’ bath time about how human babies are born.

My younger daughter, Maddie told her sister Isabelle all about the movie when she came home from the party. She was so enticed that she said she wished she hadn’t gone to the birthday party, and would have rathered seen the movie instead! When my five-year old daughter explained that she saw kittens and puppies being born, both of my girls eyes’ widen. Maddie explained that the “babies came out of the mom’s butt!”  My older daughter, six at the time, then asked me how the babies got into the mom’s tummy. I answered by quoting my cousin and explained that “the daddy plants a seed in the mommy’s tummy.”

My response seemed good enough given my girls’ age. I had hoped to change the subject when Isabelle asked how the seed got into the mommy’s tummy. Okay, good question, just not one I was remotely prepared for. My friends tell me that it’s better to use the real words like “vagina” and “penis”, but I just can’t handle it with my two little girls. I hesitated and didn't answer her immediately.

I thought I’d have had several years before I had to research how to handle this topic, the “birds and the bees.” Luckily for me, my five-year old is a bit of a know-it-all and jumped in with a response while I was still thinking, and said “I know, the babies come out the mommy’s butt, so the seeds must go up the butt.”

Since I could not argue with her logic, I quickly changed the topic seeing that my six-year old was satisfied with the response – at least, for now…

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