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top-unusual-summer-trendsFrom social media fads to style uh-ohs, we’ve got a list of the most unusual trends this summer. 

It’s amazing how quickly things can pick up when it comes to popularity. Who knew the “Harlem Shake” would attract people all over the world to flail their arms and physically wobble around like jelly. Even though people looked and felt ridiculous when they did it, they participated anyway. How do these phenomenons come and go and why do people join in on them? 

That, we will never know. We'll just continue shaking our heads at them. For now, here’s a list of the most unusual fads trending this season.

Trending Fads This Summer

1. Snapchat

If you know what snapchat is I’m sure you’re saying it too, “Snapchat is so dumb, but I love it!” Snapchat is an app for your phone that is meant for sending a picture to someone that they can only view for 10 seconds or less. So, why is this great? We don’t know. But, it’s a fun way to capture a unique moment. The catch? After someone views your photo they can’t see it ever again. That is… unless they screen-shot it. Dun dun dun…

2. Vines and Videos on Instagram 

I don’t know what it is about making things shorter and shorter, but people seem to love it these days. You can easily capture a long event in less than 10 seconds using Vine or video on Instagram. If you don’t know what Vine is, it’s kind of like a Facebook news feed, but for videos only. The videos can only be six seconds at most. Instagram allows them to be around 10 seconds. I’m sure some parents are saying, “Where was this when my kids were little?!”

3. Wedged Sneakers

Yeah, you can say that again. Tennis shoes are meant for a couple things: one being tennis, obviously, and the other for walking and running around. Whoever thought of adding a wedge to these shoes was seriously disturbed. Like Cher states in Clueless… “As if!”

4. Planking

This is possibly the dumbest trend of them all, but by far the funniest. Planking is exactly as it sounds. A person lies face down, stiff as a board, in mundane places and on objects for the purpose of a photo op. Some people plank on top of animals, very tall objects (how did they get up there?), parked cars, etc. It’s the simple things in life that make us laugh…

These trends are at their peak right now, but will surely die down. In the future, we will reflect on these and say, “I can't believe that was so funny at the time!" 

Happy trends!

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