welcome-to-the-stitch-meet-molly-your-new-style-editorSo...guess you're wondering who I am and why I'm the ultimate authority on fashion.

Good question. I ask that myself every time I'm walking down the street, thinking I look so fab in my oversized sunglasses and five-inch heels...before abruptly tripping on a crack and watching my coffee fly everywhere. The trick though, is to get up and just keep walking. Those scrapes are a small price to pay for how fierce you looked prior to falling and don't worry, the embarrassment fades the further down the block you get.

When I read fashion blogs I'm always frustrated by how, well...trendy they are. I mean, seriously, are high-waisted, under-butt-showing, studded overalls really going to work for every woman? Mmmm...I don't think so! 

mollyfedickheadshotI think the best thing a girl can do for herself is to think about what she continuously goes back to in her closet... that's your style, easy peasy. For me, it's neutrals, but it took awhile to learn this about myself. Every year I get rid of the dress with the giant purple and pink flowers, the weird one-shouldered tangerine shift, the polka dot shorts...but I have had some things for years (I'm 25 and have been wearing the same cut-off jean shorts since I was 16!) and consider those my signature pieces.

Other things in this category--my favorite pair of black skinny pants (I've had to re-sew the hook-and-eye closure about ten times), my black leather jacket, a perfect white button-down and a cool pair of riding boots. Every season I'll pop over inexpensive, but on-trend, stores to grab a few current accessories to spice up my basics. Voila--that's my style!

Anna Wintour I am not! Gee, I wish was...but we don't all have access to a zillion dollars worth of clothes, so my goal as your style editor is to help you define your personal style, figure out your personal basics and work in each year's trends in a cost-effective, un-intimidating way. 

Always feel free to drop me a line--I'm a Twitter-aholic (@mollyfedick), an Instagram junkie (@mfedick), and email addict (molly@womensforum.com)...ugh, this is getting geeky, but get in touch with questions or suggestions and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP! 

Molly Fedick


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