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So you've been put on a low FODMAP diet by your doctor, and you're not quite sure what you can eat - or how to substitute for your favorite recipes and/or convenience foods. Or perhaps you are simply experimenting and learning more about the many ways to improve your digestive health, and decreasing high FODMAP foods has popped up as a possible route to a better "gut feeling." 

Low FODMAP Foods Can Be A Delicious Option 

In fact, there are tons of delicious meal and snack options that happen to be low in FODMAPs. For example, just check out some of these recipes provided by the scientific and clinical team behind Nestlé's ProNourish™ Drinks - they could easily be part of healthy low FODMAP diet, along with the ready-to-drink low FODMAP ProNourish™ Nutritional Drinks, of course. These tasty drinks are available in two flavors - French Vanilla and Strawberry Banana. Visit to learn more and get a coupon to try them yourself!

But we digress. The aforementioned recipes include several amazing desserts, hearty breakfasts, and healthy main meals inspired by several international cuisines, including Italian, Greek, and Mexican. There are plenty of options that are probably already part of your regular diet, and there are even more ideas and recipes for low FODMAP deliciousness online.

Keeping Things Interesting

The low FODMAP diet does not need to be boring - it just requires a little creativity and a willingness to experiment with the foods you're allowed to eat. (As always, consult with a healthcare professional if you have questions about the foods that you should or shouldn't eat.)

Making the effort to try more new foods and discover new flavors can only benefit you in the long run. In addition to potentially improving your digestive comfort, consuming a larger variety of foods generally also means you get a greater variety of nutrients, which is excellent for your overall health.   

Seeking out and discovering alternatives to your old favorites and finding new ones is actually part of the fun...and who knows? You might end up eating a more diverse menu and trying a wider variety of cuisines than you did before you decided to change your diet. 

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